Tips for Safely Driving in the Rain


It isn’t something anyone likes, but it is something we will all have to do at some point: driving in the rain. No matter where you live, rainwater on the roads makes your commute just a little more difficult and you have to pay more attention. That isn’t all that you need to do – you should also know some of the tips and tricks of driving safely in the rain.

Tips About Your Car
Half of the battle for driving in the rain is keep your car in tip top shape. You have to make sure that you have everything you need for a great drive.

Tires are Critical. Ensure that you have the best tires you possibly can on your car and make sure that you have plenty of tread depth. A decent amount of tread will keep your car on the road’s surface, especially when water starts to accumulate. If you live somewhere with a lot of rainfall, there are special tires that you can purchase. Every few months, perform the penny test on your tires. At the same time, check tire pressure so that your wheels can perform at their best. If you know you are getting a lot of rain during a particular week, check your pressure and fill up before it gets to be too bad.

Wiper Blades Help You See. Make sure that your wiper blades are working properly. Wiper blades need to clear your windshield from water and any debris that falls. Check to see that the blades don’t leave streaks and that you have enough fluid in your cars. Replacing wiper blades is an easy task and can save your life.

Lights Help Your See. Lights are one of the best tools you have on your side during a rainstorm. In many states, it is a law that you have your lights on, so you might as well have the best of the best lights. Not only do lights help you see, but lights can help other people see you at the same time.

Specialized Rain Products. There are plenty of products on the market today that can help you in a pinch. Put polish on the windshield and use other products when it is appropriate. Treatments usually don’t last all that long, so you want to do it as close to the worst of the storm as possible.

Driving Tips In the Rain

When driving in the rain, you have to remember all of the best practices that you needed to learn way back when. Not only is it polite, but it can keep you safe.
Wear Your Seatbelt. Even if you are a good driver and you follow the rules, not everyone is going to be as good of a driver as you are. Make sure that all of your children are properly restrained and even keep your pets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pull Over. Is it too much for you? Does your car feel strange or like it isn’t in control? Pull over in a safe space and wait out the storm. Take the time to clean out the inside of your car or just people watch.

Obey the Speed Limit. Believe it or not, speed limits are actually extremely thought out and planned. You need to obey them, or go even slower, when it is raining so that you have enough to react to anything that may come your way. Remember that some roads are slicker than others and if it is cold, bridges will freeze before the roads themselves do.

Distance, Distance, Distance. On top of keeping your speed down, you need to keep your distance. You will not slow down and come to a stop as quickly as you do on a dry road because of the friction. While you should stay slow, make sure the people all around you don’t catch up to you.

Focus on the Road. Look at the road in front of you and be sure to look a few cars ahead of what you would typically look at when driving.

The most important tip for driving in the rain? Keep your wits about you and a calm down. It might seem like it will be forever until you get home, it is better that you get there in one piece.

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